Our Approach

For smallholder farmers securing their land is very complex and an enormous challenge. Landmapp makes this simple, providing an end to end service from the farmer signs up till they hold a legal land certificate in their hands

We educate farmers on the importance of land tenure, verify their identify, validate the land claim with neighbours, submit the claim to the authorities for legalisation and place the final product in their hands.

Our Process

1. Campaign

We visit farmers, meet with community leaders and provide information on radio and posters.

2. Sign up

Farmers are educated on Land Tenure and sign up.

3. Map

We map the farm boundaries and interview the farmer, the farmers spouse and the neighbours.

4. Analyse

Data is analysed for errors or anomalies.

5. Validate

We make the data tangible to the farmer and ensure 100% data accuracy and verified by neighbours.

6. Sign

Land tenure document is signed by the relevant authorities and delivered to the farmer.

Our Technology

Some of the key functionality that will is included in the product

Single Package

A single device package that includes GPS + map + form

WalkAround Mapping

Map polygons by walking the boundaries and adjust on the screen

Custom Forms

Create custom forms and surveys

Cloud Data

Collect and manage data in the cloud

Import Layers

Import government layers and satellite maps


(Our mobile app on a Samsung tablet)

Training by Experts

Preparations, training and support by GIS experts

Custom Output

Export village maps, land profiles, and full datasets

Remote Sensing

Options to include remote sensing and analysis

Fully Localized

Fully customized to local language and icon-based forms

High Accuracy

Sub-meter accurate positioning possible