Our Customer

The Smallholder Farmer

Our Customer is the smallholder farmer. And there are more than 500 million of them representing one of the most underserved markets in the world, where families are struggling to get by, while they contribute a significant amount of the food the world consumes, such as rice and cocoa. By creating reliable data products for the smallholder, buyer and service provider, we are unlocking the value of land.



The head of the household is about 40 year old and has a family with 3+ more children. Depending on culture, males of females are running the farm.


The family cultivates one Hectare (on average) and has an ambition to grow their farm if neighbour land becomes available.


Although they also farm for their own subsistence, our target smallholders cultivate most of their land with a cash crop like cocoa and sold at harvest.



The farmer is looking to increase annual crop yield and protect against risk. Many basic practices to improve yield are still unknown to her.

Land rights

Land is the single most important asset that the family has to provide income. Generally it is not legally registered. The family desires to better protect and administer it.


The farmer is likely part of a farmer group or cooperative that provides training and negotiates with buyers.


Value Chain Focus

We focus on the First Mile: collecting data about the land, crop and household. We provide data to the farmer, the coop and all the way up to the buyer/aggregator as well as other direct service provider to farmers.

Crop Focus

Our initial focus is on crops like cocoa, coffee, tea, rice and rubber. These crops are traded and distributed internationally, with a steady or increasing global demand, are cultivated on relatively small plots and often have various certification programs.

Area Focus

We are operating in West-Africa and South East Asia. These areas all have significant smallholder farmer populations and plenty of land to be mapped.

Services Focus

We are investigating the appetite by smallholder farmers for services like technical assistance, farming inputs, forecasting, microcredit, crop insurance, land certification and sharecropping contracts.